The crises facing our community are immense, and at every level of government the Democratic and Republican parties have at best failed to acknowledge these crises and at worst exacerbated them. That’s why I’m running for City Council on a bold, socialist platform:

Fight for the Working Class

Currently, the Democratic Party in Athens presides over high and increasing rent costs, alongside low and stagnating wages. I want to help organize the fight to make the lives of working people and students in this town better. I support all workers’ struggles for better pay and working conditions, including the Fight for 15, and I endorse mayoral candidate Damon Krane’s “Operation Slumlord Smackdown.

Care, Not Criminalization

The opioid crisis has plagued our region for too long. While pharmaceutical companies have made billions in profit, the communities they have pumped drugs into have been left to suffer and die. The evidence all shows that the solution lies in ending poverty and inequality, while policing and prisons do nothing to keep us safer, and in fact make life more dangerous for those communities they target, particularly black people. We need to redirect funds away from police and prisons toward real solutions and harm reduction strategies that provide care for those suffering from addiction, such as safe injection facilities and access to clean needles.

Planet Over Profit

Life on Earth faces an existential crisis, and we need truly revolutionary and international solutions. I understand that we will need to fight for an ecologically sustainable world, and I want to help organize that fight in Athens to make our city an example of how we can collectively address the reality of climate change. I support the fight for an Athens County Charter that would give our community the ability to ban fracking in the county. Moreover, we must take steps to restore our local environment from centuries of damage wrought by extractive industries, such as expanding wellhead protection areas and adequately funding river and stream remediation projects.

Standing Against Oppression

I proudly support all struggles for the liberation of women, LGBTQ people, people of color, immigrants, people with disabilities, and all oppressed groups. Unequivocal solidarity among all oppressed and exploited people is the only way to win a better world for all. The Pregnancy Resource Center on Court Street should no longer be able to operate as an anti-choice, sex-shaming ministry under the guise of providing care to pregnant people. I also support the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement against the apartheid state of Israel and will strive to advance BDS locally. Athens should be a sanctuary city for undocumented immigrants and refuse any cooperation with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Finally, all Athens residents should have the right to vote in local elections regardless of their citizenship status.

We can’t win the Athens we deserve through city council alone, however – there are too many unelected and unaccountable forces that stand in the way of government, like landlords, the police, and Ohio University, as well as big and small businesses and the bosses in charge of them. Instead, we – oppressed and working people – will have to fight for the Athens we deserve together. That’s why my campaign wants you to join us, not only in helping out with the election but, even more importantly, by working to organize your own workplace and neighborhood to help make the demands of this campaign possible. Check out the button below to learn how to get involved!