Get Involved

I'm excited that you're interested in getting involved in helping create the Athens we deserve! Here are some ways you can plugin:

Fight For 15

I'm part of an organization that is working in coalition with the Southeast Ohio Democratic Socialists of America, The Ohio Organizing Collaborative and Bobcats for Bernie. Join and help me fight for a living wage!

Join Our Campaign

There's plenty to do on an electoral campaign. Get in touch with one of our organizers to see how you can help or come to a meeting.


I don't take donations from corporations or small businesses so I'll need your help to fund our campaign.

ORganize With ARS

My local socialist organization, Athens Revolutionary Socialists, participates in lots of organizing activities as they come up. Come to a meeting to see what we're up to!

Read about Socialism

The Athens Revolutionary Socialists have a reading group you can plug into to learn and debate with me about a range of issues critical to our fight for socialism from below!