About Ellie

Ellie has been an activist since the age of 11, when she performed an original poem about feminism at an elementary school talent show. After reading Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle and Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables in sixth grade, she began identifying as a socialist and has worn this affiliation as a badge of honor ever since.

Ellie has been active in movements against war, mass incarceration, police brutality, deportation, borders, genocide, fracking, coal, and rape culture; she works for abortion rights, the environment, workers’ rights, affordable higher education, LGBTQ rights, and a free Palestine. In the course of this activism, she has been arrested, spat on, threatened, physically and sexually assaulted, and has experienced an assortment of sexist and homophobic slurs. She has also found her own humanity and gained faith in the ability of working class people to change the world when we organize together.

Ellie moved to Athens from Columbus in 2009 to attend Ohio University. While working up to three part-time jobs at a time, she completed a degree in anthropology, with minors and certificates in Spanish, Latin American studies, political science, and war and peace studies. She later attended graduate school in New York City in an anthropology program where her studies concentrated on the mass incarceration of women in Appalachia before moving back to Athens to focus on her activism and to be closer to her family (and trees).

Ellie now waits tables and washes dishes at Casa Nueva, and rents a home on the south side of town. In her free time, she enjoys the outdoors with her beagle Charlie, a rescue from the Athens County Dog Shelter.